Knowledge Mobilization
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Generating social impact with over 100k live engagements.

Community Engagement
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We've hosted hundreds of events across Ontario.

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Millions have watched us on global networks including Discovery & VICE.

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KNOWLEDGE MOBILIZATION Good knowledge mobilization recognizes that you can’t teach people anything they don’t want to know. All you can do is create environments in which people are naturally curious.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Good community builders foster conversation around common values and shared challenges in order to build trust. Better community builders try do the same outside their own communities.

TELEVISION & NEW MEDIA We work with production companies to create visually amazing applied science. Pre/post production, prop design/fabrication, on-camera presenting included.

We transform public perceptions of science through unconventional and interactive entertainment. We prove everyone can and already does make Science Everywhere. All you have to do is ask a question.