Bighorn Fight

Could I Beat a Bighorn Sheep in a Fight?

I learned a great deal about the bighorn sheep on my trip. Living high in the mountains, they can leap onto mountain ledges just 2 inches wide. They are truly a picture of grace befitting a creature living in such beautiful terrain. As I learned about these majestic animals, I kept having the same thought:

I bet I could kick the sh*t out of those dopey-ass boneheaded sheep.

Your Guide to Wearing Sunscreen

Summer is in full swing for everyone north of the equator, with all its familiar blessings – amazing sunsets, patio drinks, and beach bodies. And, if you’re like me, most of your time spent in the summer sun is accompanied by with one prevailing thought: “Oh God, how long before I get skin cancer?”

Did Pierce Brosnan Stop Being Sexy?

was having drinks with my fiancée the other night, being my usual romantic self, talking about how UFOs are here and probably infiltrating our civilization right now. I asked her what she thought about extraterrestrial life visiting us from beyond the stars, to which she responded with “when did Pierce Brosnan stop being sexy?”

KOKO Gorilla

Goodbye, Koko the Gorilla

Koko the gorilla passed away last week at the age of 46. For those of you who for some reason don’t read the primate obituaries every day, Koko was a gorilla who used sign language to communicate with people. Apparently she was quite the conversationalist, too, because people loved her.

Talking With A Disembodied Pig Brain

Just this week, scientists announced they kept disembodied pig brains alive for 36 hours. If you weren’t aware of this marvel of science, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We sent our most intrepid journalist, me, to check out what was happening. The following is the transcript of an interview I had with a researcher at Yale about their floating pig brain research.