A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new study on how people believe different things about sexual compatibility. Some people are “sexual growth” believers, and think that sexual compatibility is a thing that can be worked on and improved. Others are “sexual destiny” believers, and think that sex with their partner should be amazing out of the gate and stay that way forever, because they were meant for each other and their love is preordained by the stars above. I dare say those people may be in for a disappointment some time over the next their whole lives.


I mentioned in that blog that I wanted to interview the lead author of that study, Jessica Maxwell, because I sure wasn’t going to be able to write 1000 words on the subject without making a joke about “sexual growth”. Lo and behold, I got it done. I tracked Jess Maxwell down and got her to agree to an interview, partly because she wanted to gain prestige by proxy by speaking with me on camera, but mostly because I told her I worked for CNN.


Here I bring you the first and probably last episode of my new and now defunct web series, Talkin’ Science. This week, I’m with Jess Maxwell, author of a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, aptly called “Great Sexpectations”. (Eds. Note – The paper is called “How Implicit Theories of Sexuality Shape Sexual and Relationship Well-Being.” You’re a terrible journalist.)



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