Our Founders


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    Anthony MorganCreative Producer/Founder
    This likely comes as no surprise, but, I love science. That feeling when something you see changes the way you see forever. I can say without exaggeration that it’s a huge rush for me. I’ve found as many ways to play with science as I can. I’ve written for newspapers, pursued unusual degrees, done television outreach, radio interviews, worked in science museums. All of it hoping to re-experience, over and over, that rush. I want everyone to feel this way. I think it can change the world.
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    Emily JohnsonDirector Marketing & Media
    Emi graduated with high honors from Broadcast Journalism at Sheridan College. She constantly loses herself in hours of online self-education to answer everyday inquiries. With a passion for storytelling and a curious mind, she happily uses her experience in reporting, videography and media strategy to spread Ninja news.
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    Dash McGormanDirector of Live Events
    Dash grew up with a passion for history, ever-fascinated by the connections that can be drawn between our past, present and predicted future. At York University he pursued a degree in History, studying the impacts of political thought and technology on the progression of human civilization. Dash brings enthusiastic optimism to science communication. He knows the power of an idea to change the world, and as a Science Ninjas seeks to inspire people to ask questions, challenge assumptions and discover the joy of learning.

Our Volunteers