Our Science is the podcast for people who want to stay up to date with science without having to read through hundreds of scientific papers and articles. We use the r/science subreddit to find the three most popular scientific papers of the week, then dive past the headlines and clickbait to tell you what’s really going on. And crack a few jokes too.

Meet the People behind the Voices

Host Alan Collier is joined by two of his friends every week to cover up all the stuff he doesn’t know, and give him a false sense of power. Like Alan, they’ve all graduated from the Science Communication Masters program at Laurentian University. Keep an ear out for special guests too!


Alan Collier is the host and creator of Our Science, and has a B.Sc in Ecological Restoration to go along with his C average in high school. He loves to make people laugh, and is often described as someone who loves to make people laugh.



Kyelle has a Bachelors in Ecology and a ‘Best Classroom Helper’ award from her first-grade teacher. A professional science communicator and amateur horse enthusiast, Kyelle hates talking about herself and is currently in her own personal hell. Her Gramma would accurately describe her as delightful.



Ian Black has a Bachelor and a Masters degree in biology. He loves sharing science, eating Kraft Dinner, and (unlike Kyelle) talking about himself. He could accurately be described as being less cool than his parents. 



Getting a B.Sc in Earth Sciences in Halifax, Sarah is a proud Geologist. Currently living in Vancouver, she has literally communicated Science from coast to coast. Sneakily funny and always down for an adventure, Sarah is often described as a human being



Katie has a B.Sc in Biology, a minor in English, and knows a little about a lot of things. She loves snakes, coffee, herpetology, and all of the nerd stuff. She could accurately be described as someone who manages to bring snakes into every conversation (sometimes literally).


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