About Us - Science Everywhere
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We develop and deliver live science experiences for adults on television, cultural institutions, the streets of Toronto and anywhere else we feel like.

Science Everywhere is a group of scientists, communicators and makers. We develop and deliver live entertainment based on science in everyday life, not in a lab. We prove that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can and already does make Science Everywhere. It doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated and some would say, boring. All you have to do is ask a question. Could I beat an ostrich in a fist fight? Will AI kill us all? What will happen to Anthony now that he’s famous?


After three amazing years of working together, we’re finding ourselves deeper and deeper in Toronto’s experience economy. We’re unconventional, entertaining, sometimes hilarious and surprise, not for kids. We want to engage adults. Because kids can’t consent to being set on fire, electrocuted, and other cool stuff.


Our talented team of science experts shines behind and in front of the camera. We work with television programs to showcase visually amazing applied science. Got a subject in mind that speaks to your audience? We turn ideas into interactive and memorable experiences for your audience at home and in studio, short or long format. This includes scripting, prop design/fabrication, on-camera presenting. We work with television programs like Cityline, Daily Planet, Stephen & Chris, The Science Channel and Vice.


Live Entertainment 
Organizing a festival or event? Have a venue but no entertainment? We do all kinds of interactive stage shows and pop-up science experiences, accompanied by experts in public engagement who know how to inspire the public to get off the sidelines and participate.


Guerrilla Marketing
Own a commercial business? Interested in new ways to increase your reach? We’ll do insane and ridiculous things with your products guaranteed to catch the attention of Instagram-crazy 20 somethings. For example, we promoted a breathalyzer by getting drunk.. for science!


Building Experiences
Frustrated at the lack of awesome things that exist in the world? Come at us with an awesome design or even a vague idea and we’ll work with you to flesh it out into a crazy and unforgettable experience. We love to make any crazy idea possible, for ourselves, and clients. We’re experts at designing and constructing all kinds of awesome short term and long term installations. For example, we’ve created escape rooms in Toronto and Montreal. We came up with the story, puzzles, and built it all.


Science Communication
If you’re a researcher or industry professional with a ton of technical knowledge and very little public speaking experience, we’ve got your back. Our writing team can help you clear the clutter and tell your story in a way that resonates for your audience. Our digital media production team turns complex ideas into relatable street science. Our live presenters make sure audiences understand key messages through fun and memorable engagements. Ya know, science without all the ‘hard’ stuff.


Promotional T-Shirts
We love phosphorescent paint, and so does everyone else who’s played with it. We sell custom painted shirts at events and online, and run workshops to paint your own. Get yours here!


Digital Media
We’re active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We love to post what we’re up to, share cool news and talk to our fans. A few new series are coming soon to our YouTube. Or viral moment will come…

Since you’re online now to learn more about us, maybe you’d like to contact ushire us, join us, or just read our hilarious blog.


Community Engagement
We love to meet up with other groups to collaborate. Reach out!


Anything That Suits
If you have a cool idea – Try us! Our goal is to make Science Everywhere. Including places we haven’t already thought of. We’re always open to new venues and ideas! We’re looking forward to doing more, hiring more people, and building a culture that truly appreciates science.

Meet The Team