Bighorn Fight

Could I Beat a Bighorn Sheep in a Fight?

I learned a great deal about the bighorn sheep on my trip. Living high in the mountains, they can leap onto mountain ledges just 2 inches wide. They are truly a picture of grace befitting a creature living in such beautiful terrain. As I learned about these majestic animals, I kept having the same thought:

I bet I could kick the sh*t out of those dopey-ass boneheaded sheep.

Bee Gone: The Bees Are Dying, Here’s Why

A lot of people are afraid of bees, but that’s not really fair. Bees are our friends. Did you know that bees have personalities? It’s true. Also, they do a little jig called the waggle dance to direct their pals to food sources. They can also recognize human faces. Heck, their movement has even helped people come up with algorithms to find serial killers.