Freud! Celebrating the Greatest Hits of One Badass Mother******

Here at Science Everywhere, we like to take time to reflect on the work of the great scientists of the past. Today, we’re recognizing Sigmund Freud. A lot of people know a few things about ol’ Sigmund, including a bunch of terms most people use incorrectly, like “ego”, “id”, “psychoanalysis”, “Oedipus Complex”, “penis envy”, and “Freudian slip”

How DNA Analysis Caught The Golden State Killer (40 Years Later)

A few weeks ago, police in California arrested a 72-year-old man named Joseph James DeAngelo for the murder of 12 people and lots of other terrible stuff. Up until then, he was known as the Golden State Killer, or the Original Night Stalker. The latter of which makes you wonder how many others are vying for that name. He is now known as the world’s most evil grumpy old man.